Image: dr. Walter R. Tschinkel, Florida State University

The VINU approach

Sustainable solutions for area development and transport issues require cooperation and consensus from all stakeholders. VINU is a specialist in organising and supervising projects by following the Dutch approach. As ‘builders of bridges’, we look for common values and interests, for possibilities for matching partners who can realise projects together. We involve residents, businesses, social organisations, politics and government departments in the development of plans at an early stage.

This approach creates a strong foundation and delivers much more in the long run in terms of enhancing community acceptance, extra financial resources, future-proof solutions and speed of execution.

And we have more to offer. The Netherlands is a frontrunner in the field of public space, cycling, the circular economy and water management. We apply this unique Dutch knowledge in all our projects. uses tracking-cookies. This anonymous saves data about your visit to enhance the website and your experience.