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Mobility is about the development, implementation and renewal of efficient and sustainable systems for the movement of people and goods. This includes making areas accessible, developing new mobility concepts and implementing ‘street’ policy (e.g. parking policy, electric mobility). Smart mobility, Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and new modes of transport such as the Hyperloop are becoming increasingly important.


  • Provides project management, e.g. with respect to public transport, parking, cycling, urban freight distribution or electric mobility
  • Provides consultancy on issues related to governance and collaboration
  • Arranges funding, for example from the Dutch Multi-Year Infrastructure, Spatial Planning and Transport Programme (MIRT), the Broad-based Payment for Travel and Transport (BDU) and other sources of grants and subsidies
  • Provides consultancy on new mobility concepts such as smart mobility, Mobility as a Service, zero-emission public transport and driverless transport uses tracking-cookies. This anonymous saves data about your visit to enhance the website and your experience.