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Liveable Cities

We’re passionate about creating liveable cities.

Sustainable places where people can live, work and relax.  ‘Liveable cities’ are climate-resilient cities that contribute to healthier living by encouraging walking and cycling. They have improved air and water quality, and enhanced biodiversity.

Making cities liveable means creating safe and affordable housing, energy-efficient buildings, climate-resilient neighbourhoods and streets, as well as providing career and business opportunities, to build resilient societies. It involves investment in sustainable public transport, transitioning from a linear to a circular model of resource management, creating green and blue public spaces, and making urban planning and management participatory and more inclusive.

Sustainable development cannot be achieved without significantly transforming the way we build, manage, and live in our cities. Collaboration between local authorities, businesses, local communities, policy makers, NGOs and academia is necessary in order to develop streets, neighbourhoods and cities that are liveable, now and for many years to come.

Current projects:

  • Living and working in, and enjoying the ‘Amsterdam Bay Area’
  • Blekers Park Leiden: part of the largest park in the Netherlands
  • Binckhorst / Central Innovation District: investing in a sustainable mobility transition

What we do:

  • VINU builds sustainable partnerships between local authorities, businesses, local communities, policy makers, NGOs and academia and organises knowledge transfer forums, expert roundtables and work sessions
  • VINU organises collaboration between public agencies and authorities, as well as between public and private partners
  • VINU creates governance models and funding structures that are able to support the realisation of liveable cities uses tracking-cookies. This anonymous saves data about your visit to enhance the website and your experience.