Energy, Land & Water

We work on the sustainable development of rural areas.

There are various transitions necessary in order to realise sustainable development that will impact our rural areas. This includes the energy transition, the transition to a more nature-inclusive way of farming, embracing nature-based solutions to help protect against flooding, and becoming more climate adaptive.

Population growth and economic development are leading to an increased demand for housing and recreational opportunities, both within and outside of cities. Rural areas are also facing major challenges, including soil subsidence, flooding, drought, demand for space for nature development, nature-inclusive agriculture and the need for energy generation by the sun and wind.

Energy, Land & Water projects are particularly challenging because of the many different parties involved: farmers, landowners, environmental NGOs, recreational entrepreneurs, residents, water companies, local authorities and other statutory organisations all have different interests and views. VINU coordinates, connects and communicates with the various stakeholders, and delivers the required results.

Current projects:

  • Showcasing ‘nature-inclusive agriculture’
  • Strengthening the Markermeer dykes, giving a boost nature and recreation
  • Drawing up a participation strategy for the banks of the Oostvaarders Lakes

What we do:

  • VINU establishes new forms of collaboration, bringing together public and private parties and ensures correct process agreements are put in place
  • VINU facilitates the co-creation of vision statements, ambitions and the steps to realise them
  • VINU manages the preparation and realisation of the energy transition, including strategic stakeholder management uses tracking-cookies. This anonymous saves data about your visit to enhance the website and your experience.